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Basic Service (7 Points and Repair)

Single Torsion Spring Change

Double Torsion Spring Change

Section Replacement

Install Your Door

Install Your Opener

·Balance Door

·Check Door & Safety Eye Alignment

·Check Spring Tension

·Determine Cable Condition and Tension

·Tighten hinges and bolts

·Lubricate rollers , hinges and opener rail

·Adjust opener force and limits

·And, of course, repair!

The average life of a spring is 100,000 rotations or 7-10 years.When it breaks, it’s important not to try to use the operator as it will cause damage!  Our replacement includes all aspects of the basic service as well.

For a double car garage door, when one spring breaks, it may be an indication that the other one will go soon.  Kill two birds with one stone, and get them both replaced.  Basic service is included.

People run into garage doors all of the time.  Instead of replacing the entire door, give us a call and we’ll see if we can match that panel for you.

You bought it somewhere else?  We’ll install it for you!

We’ll install that opener that’s sitting in the box in the garage for you.